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Shoulder Cuts

Ocean Beef Chuck Roll

Chuck Roll

A boneless cut taken from the first three ribs of the forequarter extending up to the neck. A less tender open grained meat with minimal fat. Suited to slow cooking methods, ideal to steak, slice for BBQ, hot pot (Shabu-shabu), cube for stews, curries and casseroles.

Ocean Beef Chuck Rib

Chuck Rib

This large primal cut comes from the shoulder area and yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. Features roasts ideal for slow-cooking, slice for Asian BBQ style such as Yakiniku, grill-ready cuts such as the Flat Iron Steak.

Ocean Beef Chuck Tender

Chuck Tender

The muscle is very lean and should be slow-cooked rather than roasted or grilled. Butcher's Note: Also referred to as “Mock Tender” because it has a similar appearance to a Tenderloin.


Oyster Blade

Oyster blade beef is a cut of beef from the shoulder. It is a flavorful cut that is quite tough, due to gristle, which lends itself to incredible succulence when properly cooked.


Bolar Blade

A cut from the shoulder clod portion of the Chuck is has a lot of connective tissue, but excellent flavor. Best suited to slow cooking, slice for hot pot (Shabu-shabu), roasting or braising for a tender result. Kept as a whole steak, diced or cut into strips for stir-fry, the blade is a versatile option.

Loin Cuts

Ocean Beef Rib Eye Roll Steak

Rib Eye

A boneless cut, the Ribeye (also known as a Cube Roll or Scotch Fillet) is the eye muscle adjacent to the backbone, between the Chuck and Striploin. It is both flavorful and tender making it very good for slow oven-roasting and grilling. Whole Scotch Fillet is a well-flavored roasting cut which carves into beautiful, neat slices.

Ocean Beef Striploin Steak


A boneless cut, also known as Porterhouse or Sirloin, is the outside muscle adjacent to the loin bone, opposite to the Tenderloin. A premium prime cut with a fine grain and may have some marbling, perfect for grilling, it boasts extreme tenderness and can be prepared without the aid of moist heat or slow cooking.

Ocean Beef Tenderloin Side Muscle Off-Steak


Small, thin and lean, this incredibly tender muscle is located on either side of the backbone and is the most prized cut on the entire animal. Also known as the Eye Fillet, this oblong shaped cut spans between the Short Loin and the Sirloin. It’s an incredibly tender and succulent cut. It can be roasted whole or cut into steaks.

Brisket Cuts

Ocean Beef Navel End Brisket

Navel End Brisket

A boneless cut, the Navel-End Brisket comes from the lower chest area of the forequarter, from the 6th to 12th ribs. Ideal for hot pot (Shabu-shabu), sliced for stir fly, BBQ, slow cooking, moist cooking methods such as casseroling and braising.

Ocean Beef Point End Brisket

Point End Brisket

A boneless cut, from the upper chest area of the forequarter, from the 1st to 5th ribs. It is commonly used in braising (pot-roast), smoking and can be made into corned beef.

Ocean Beef Boneless Short Rib

Boneless Short Rib

A very flavorful cut that must be slow cooked (typically braised) in order to become tender. Having the bones removed makes them easier to cut, portion and shred than bone-in short ribs.
Best sliced for Asian style BBQ (Yakiniku) and slow cooking.

Ocean Beef Bone In Short Rib

Bone In Short Rib

Short Ribs are taken from the forequarter after the Brisket is removed. They take on flavor well and are tender and moist when slow cooked. Full of flavor they can also be smoked or slow roasted.

Flank Cuts

Ocean Beef Flank Steak

Flank Steak

A coarse-grained steak with a rich flavor, generally sourced from the thin flank, and is the thickest portion of this muscle from the abdominal area. Sliced thinly across the grain it can be pan-fried to rare and used for stir-fry but should be marinated first.

Ocean Beef Flap Meat

Flap Meat

A very thin cut from the bottom sirloin, it needs to be very thinly sliced across the grain and should be cooked over high, dry heat no further than medium rare for optimum tenderness. Good for diced steak, sliced for Asian style BBQ and slow cooking.

Round Cuts

Ocean Beef Inside Cap Off

Inside Cap Off

This cut is best slow cooked (roasted for roast beef or braised as stew or a pot roast). In Japan the top round is very thinly shaved for Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu dishes where it’s cooked at the table by being briefly submerged in hot broth or water.

Ocean Beef Flat


Largest section of the full Bottom Round that is separated from the Heel and can be cut into Bottom Round Roasts or Steaks. Lean and benefits from tenderization. Given the name “Bottom Round Flat” because it is the “Flat” portion of the Round remaining after the removal of the Heel.

Ocean Beef Eye Round

Eye Round

The eye of round (eye round) is an extremely lean small roast cut from the Round primal between the top round, outside round and heel. It is very affordable and has good flavor, but is not very tender. It is best cooked slowly (roasted or braised) and cut very thinly across the grain.

Ocean Beef Knuckle


A boneless cut, the Knuckle with its cap muscle removed, is the third major muscle from the hind leg, after removal of the Topside and Silverside. The Knuckle is a medium tender cut best suited for pot roasts or braising. It can be sliced thinly as minute steaks or crumbed for pan-frying as schnitzel.

Ocean Beef D Rump


Rump steaks are a lean cut with little fat, which can make it a little less tender than others. The fat border, which runs along the curved side, is easily removed if desired. Suited to flash cooking and searing.

Ocean Beef Tri Tip

Tri Tip

The Tri Tip is a triangular small roast from the bottom Sirloin that offers good flavor. It’s most commonly grilled, roasted, or smoked and is ideal for slow cooking, diced steak and Asian Style BBQ (Yakiniku).

Offal Cuts

Ocean Beef Tongue


Tender meat when cooked, by simmering gently, and skin removed. Can be chilled and pressed before serving.

Ocean Beef Outside Skirt
Thin Skirt Offal

Outside Skirt

The outer skirt steak is a long, flavorful cut from the plate with a strong muscle grain. They contain intramuscular fat that helps keep them juicy and flavorful after high heat cooking methods.
This cut marinates well and should be thinly sliced against the grain for optimum tenderness.

Ocean Beef Hanging Tender
Thick Skirt Offal

Hanging Tender

A hanger steak, also known as butcher's steak or hanging tenderloin, is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavor. This cut is taken from the plate, which is the upper belly of the animal. Ideal for steak and Asian Style BBQ (Yakiniku).

Ocean Beef Cheek


Beef cheeks are tough muscles with a prominent grain. Beef cheeks should be slow braised until tender, then served with their braising liquid (which has absorbed all the gelatin from them during the braise) as a flavorful sauce.
Square cut and trimmed, with the papillae, glands and tip removed or on. Best slow cooked.