Angus beef cattle on a Canterbury farm at sunrise.

QUALITY created

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Even in a country known for its quality red meat, Ocean Beef stands apart.

Ocean Beef takes the finest Angus cattle New Zealand has to offer, and raises it into the most supreme beef available.

Our cattle receive first-class treatment ensuring those in our care are healthy and in good condition. 

Angus cattle in a field in Canterbury, New Zealand

From farm to table, we are proud of our exemplary quality standards to deliver supreme beef.

High quality New Zealand beef on a plate
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The expertise of our highly qualified team ensures only the finest cuts are packaged for Ocean Beef, ready for those who demand only the best.

GOOD Ocean Beef
stands apart

  • High in iron, zinc, protein and vitamin E
  • B vitamins essential to healthy skin, vision, and optimal brain function
  • An excellent source of Omega 3 packed with wholesome essential nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet

Supreme quality  ON YOUR TABLE

Beef Carpaccio plated on a blue plate
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STANDARDS from farm
to table

We are independently audited and certified by the New Zealand Government’s AsureQuality programme for food safety, environmental management, and quality systems.


All our cattle are tagged so they can be traced back to the farm they arrived from and are processed halal under stringent regulatory standards. 


The superior environment, and our attention to detail has been recognized globally with Ocean Beef receiving prestigious Gold awards at the World Steak Challenge in 2019, 2022, and three in 2023.

The reason we strive for such supreme quality is so you can do the same.


Ocean Beef World Steak Challenge 2023 Gold Awards